Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are Houston Residents Among the Most Stressed?

We like to think that the holiday season is filled with the laughter and conversation of family and other loved ones, relaxing evenings by the fire and the joy of children as they open that one special gift. And, fortunately, such moments do exist and make these last few days of the year a wonderful time. However, the reality is that the holidays also are counted by many as being some of the most stressful weeks of the year. Whether it’s finishing up projects at work, making sure your shopping is done, or dealing with unpleasant family circumstances that surface around this time, it is not uncommon to feel some additional stress right now.

Do you want some evidence that you are not alone? According to recent research, if you live in Houston then you are in the eighth-most stressed city in our country!

Real estate company Movoto looked at typical stress-causing factors such as poverty, commuting, health insurance coverage, and employment levels. Using these barometers, there was one zip code in Houston that set off alarms for stress levels. Check out the entire analysis to find other areas in which you can expect to find very stressed people.

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And let us know – if you live in Houston, do you think you are most stressed than residents of other cities? Do you agree with the factors used by Movoto in determining stress levels?

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