Monday, October 6, 2014

You Have Legal Rights If Benched for No Good Reason

In front of a prime-time audience of millions, something happened last Monday night that sent shockwaves throughout the world of football. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was benched. Sports commentators and social media users were equally shocked by the sight of the future Hall of Famer riding the bench.

The quarterback change took place in the fourth quarter of a game against Kansas City, one in which the Chiefs went on to win by a score of 41-14. Brady’s management of the game was marked by punts and fumbles and the hand-wringing of fantasy football players across the nation. His performance offered a legitimate reason to take him off the field and give the backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, a chance to show what he could do (which, at least on this particular night, was play better than Tom Brady).

Maybe someone who lives in a state with the NFL team that had the worst record in the league last season (not to be repeated this year) should not point out the flaws of a great player who has led his team to three Super Bowl victories. But, that moment points to the broader idea that if your performance is not up to expectations, you will get pulled for someone else.

At Bertolino LLP, all of our attorneys are dedicated to working their hardest every day to take care of our clients. We know that the men of women of Texas have plenty of options when choosing counsel to represent their professional reputation or help them receive compensation following a car accident or work with family members to develop a plan that is in the best interest of the children when a marriage comes to an end. We never take for granted that our clients have entrusted us with these important tasks and work diligently to maintain the right to stay on the field.

Yes, ethical and dedicated work should be expected in any profession. Unfortunately, though, there are instances in which individuals get “benched” at their jobs for no legitimate reason. Due to discrimination based on race, sex, religion or other characteristics, people get passed over for promotions or even fired altogether. If this has happened to you, it is not right and there is legal recourse. Please call our office today and let us get to work in claiming the justice you deserve.

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