Saturday, July 12, 2014

Houston Radio Personality’s Legal Battles with His Employer Come to an End

Photo: The Houston Chronicle
You are probably going to have a disagreement with your boss every now and again. Maybe it is over allotted vacation time or the way a project is being handled or your repeated and simple request for a copy machine that doesn’t jam paper multiple times a day. In most instances, you hopefully can manage to come to a resolution that satisfies both of you. Or, you just deal with it because you are not the boss and you need your job. There are times, however, that the dispute is one of greater significance and you need to seek legal assistance to defend your reputation and livelihood.

Michael Harris, a popular radio personality who had been with Houston station KCOH for nearly four decades, sued his boss, station president Jesse Dunn, on the basis that he had been given false information as a way of investing thousands of dollars into projects for the station. Harris filed a fraud lawsuit last fall and this month Harris County judges finished the paperwork that removed any liability from Mr. Harris for debts the radio station still owes.

This story seems to have a happy ending. Michael Harris was relieved of a large financial burden that he believes was created in a crooked fashion and last month he seems to have mended fences with his employer as he revived his popular talk show. Sometimes it does not end so neatly.

The glaring example of whistleblowers from the Veterans’ Administration testifying in Congress that their jobs were threatened because they spoke out about the cover ups concerning wait times shows all of us that employees need protection from a boss that is not completely honest or ethical. If you have found yourself threatened with a job loss or being passed over for a promotion because you refuse to participate in questionable activities at work, we can help.

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