Thursday, May 29, 2014

Houston Dad Accused of Beating Daughter Who Danced with Black Friend

Most of us would hope that the days are behind us when children were told they could not attend school or play with or date those of a different race. And society certainly has come a long way in terms of integration and moving forward as a diverse group of people. However, we occasionally come across stories that remind us some individuals are still unwilling to let go of discriminatory attitudes. In a recent incident in Houston, one father allegedly reinforced his racist views with violence.

Aaron Aranza is said to have become upset after he learned that his fourteen-year-old daughter had picked an African American friend to be her dance partner as she practiced for her upcoming quinceanera party. Aranza immediately put a stop to the dance rehearsal and shoved the teenager with whom his daughter had chosen to dance. He then allegedly beat his daughter, pulled her inside the house and then beat her some more with a belt, telling her that she would no longer live with her mother but come and stay with him, assumedly so that he could more closely monitor her social decisions. When she tried to run from the house, he dragged his daughter across the yard. Then he left the premises.

Aranza is currently being held in jail, unable to make bail. Already not the custodial parent, he hopefully now will face even greater restrictions in getting to spend time with his daughter. In addition to the horrible abuse that is the greatest misgiving here, Aranza likely made his discriminatory worldview a regular part of his interaction with his child and hoped to pass on these beliefs.

Racism is taught. We learn it from our parents, other family members, those whom we value in our community. It not only has the sad effect of limiting who we can come to know and call a friend, but also surfaces as very real threats to job security in the workplace. If you feel that you were fired or passed over for a promotion due to your race, we can help. Please contact Bertolino LLP today and we will work diligently to make sure justice is served.

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