Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doctor and Nurse in San Antonio Honored for Saving Lives

The many wonderful medical professionals in the state of Texas are heroes every day as they save lives and educate the public about better health in our communities. Rarely, though, do these heroes get much media attention, so it’s nice to see an instance in which their knowledge and compassion are recognized.

The San Antonio Fire Department held a special ceremony this week to honor Dr. Dale Crockett and nurse Amber Myers for saving several lives with their quick thinking last month. When a family arrived at Methodist Hospital complaining of severe illness, Dr. Crockett identified their symptoms as being caused by high levels of carbon monoxide in their system. When Amber Myers learned that these patients lived in an apartment complex, she realized that others likely were in danger. She called the fire department and those who responded to the scene found multiple individuals affected by the poisonous levels of carbon monoxide in their system, including three who had to be hospitalized. If more time had passed, it is likely that at least some of the victims would have fallen asleep and died.

Yes, you could say that Dr. Crockett and Amber Myers simply were doing their job when diagnosing the presence of poison gas and treating the patients in front of them. But they also thought about the others back at that apartment complex who probably needed help, and their decision to reach beyond those hospital walls was one of life or death.

There is a reason that doctors, nurses and others in the medical field need to be licensed in order to work. When lives are at stake, we want to know the people taking care of us are qualified. Sometimes, the years these men and women study to earn their qualifications and then to build a professional reputation can be destroyed in no time at all by one person who thinks he has been wronged and complains to your licensing organization. If you are a doctor or nurse and a patient or peer is threatening your credentials, there are attorneys at Bertolino LLP who can help. We will protect your livelihood and affirm your good standing. Please contact us today. 

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