Monday, January 13, 2014

Omaha Toddler in Protective Custody after Disturbing Video

Many of you probably have seen by now, or at least heard about, the video of the toddler in Omaha, Nebraska being cursed at and cursing in return. The video was posted first by a relative or friend of the boy’s mother and then shared by the Omaha Police Officers Association, the local union, for the purpose, it said, of highlighting problems in the community. The treatment of the boy has sparked national outrage and highlighted difficult problems that continue concerning teen pregnancy, relationships between police officers and the neighborhoods they protect and exploitation on social media.

The mother of the young boy, whose name has not been made public as she is only sixteen herself, has come forward to say that she takes good care of her son and the cussing was not indicative of his normal behavior. However, the concern is more with the teenagers and adults involved in this situation and their questionable judgment, as well as additional the revelation that this same young boy was injured in a shooting that took place in the home several months ago.

The police union has been criticized by the ACLU and other community action groups for posting the video, stating that it only serves to further exploit the child and cause further distrust for officers as some claim the decision to share the post was racially charged.

The boy, along with three other children in the home, including the boy’s mother, have been removed from the residence and placed in protective custody.

 All children deserve to feel safe and loved in their homes. Sadly, we read too many instances in which this is not the case. If you need protection for your child from another family member or if you believe a child in your family is being neglected or abused and you want to take action, the family law attorneys at Bertolino LLP can help. We are parents, too, and will work tirelessly to protect the most innocent among us. Please contact us today.


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