Saturday, October 5, 2013

TV Attorneys -- Which One is the Best?

With the new season of television programming unveiling itself for the fall, there are, as always, several new shows that are introducing us to some new fictional attorneys. And, some other fictional attorneys who we have followed for years have returned for more legal maneuvering on the small screen. The legal profession has been a popular focus for television producers since the medium was invented.

So, here is the question for the day. If you need to be represented in the courtroom, which TV lawyer do you want sitting next to you?

Would it be Clair Huxtable? She broke gender and racial barriers in the 1980s on The Cosby Show as a successful attorney who took a no-nonsense, confident approach in front of a judge and often used her legal mind to solve conflicts at home as well.

Maybe you prefer the classic character of Perry Mason, memorably played by Raymond Burr in a popular series of the same name that ran for nearly a decade starting more than a half century ago. If you wanted to get someone on the stand to confess his guilt, Mason was your guy.

There is the more unorthodox and irreverent approach taken by Denny Crane on Boston Legal. While his tactics were always likely to offend someone, his winning record trumped his lack of political correctness for many who needed a victory.

The list of TV attorneys goes on and on -- shows like L.A. Law, The Good Wife, Suits, JAG, Law and Order in its multiple forms and many others offer us lawyers on the screen.

Who is your choice? Share your favorite TV lawyer and why that character tops your list!

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