Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DUI Charges for Former Browns QB

So the Houston Texans snatched another defeat out of the arms of victory this weekend and the once undisputed kings of the collegiate football fields of Texas are wondering what happened and talking about the search for a new coach. Perhaps it is best to turn our attention away from sports in our home state for now and look to the north. In Ohio, a former football star has found himself in trouble entirely unrelated to any effort on the field.

Ex-NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar of the Cleveland Browns was arrested early Sunday morning after a stop by police due to speeding led to his arrest after it the strong odor of alcohol was found to be emanating from his vehicle. He now faces DUI charges. Fortunately, he did not have any passengers in his car and no other cars came into contact with his reckless decision to get behind the wheel.

Kosar has been vocal about how the the rough game and the head injuries he sustained over the years continue to plague him. Due to the repeated trauma to his brain, Kosar shares that sometimes he slurs his words. Will this be an issue when the time comes for Kosar to stand before a judge and state his innocence or guilt? Time will tell. Regardless of any connection, this incident serves as a solemn reminder that all too often our sports heroes will prove themselves to be quite human and not immune from the addictions and illnesses and poor decisions that our society must face.

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