Saturday, September 21, 2013

Divorce -- What are Your Questions?

Despite what we may be seeing from some reality stars these days, most of us do not enter into marriage just for the enjoyment of planning an extravagant party or with the intention of getting divorced just a short time later (or at all, for that matter). The exchange of the "I dos" comes with the desire for a happily ever after. And, with commitment, work, love and respect from both partners, this ending certainly is possible.

But, what if the end of your marriage has become inevitable? It is clear that, for one reason or another, you no longer will be able to live under one roof as husband or wife. Along with a series of difficult emotions that must be processed over time, you probably also will approach this event in your life with a lot of questions. Some of the concerns we have heard in our offices include --

How long is this going to take?

How do we decide what happens with the house? The debt? Our wedding album?

Will I get to be with my kids on Christmas?

Do my parents have any rights to spend time with the children in their role as grandparents?

If my wife remarries, does that affect my child support?

Can I put guidelines in place regarding what can and cannot happen during the time that the kids spend at their father's new apartment?

Are all of these legal documents going to be public record?

Do I have to face my ex in a courtroom?

At Bertolino LLP, we have divorce attorneys who are ready to answer these questions and the many others that may be racing through your mind as you approach this life transition. No question is too small, too silly or too unusual. We want to do all we can to guide you through this emotional and difficult time.

Some of you reading this blog may just have made the decision that a divorce is the only remaining option. Others may have faced this challenging time several years ago and now can speak from experience. 

If you have been through a divorce, what are some of the most pressing questions that you brought to the table the first time you met with an attorney? Your insight may provide help to someone who is just now facing this difficult event and who likely has not thought of the needed questions to ask.

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