Monday, August 19, 2013

Real Accidents Have No Laugh Track

You probably have been watching one of your favorite television comedies as a scene like this one plays out on the screen: One of the characters gets into a minor car accident, with maybe a small dent on her rear bumper to show for it. She appears fine, but when she walks into an attorney's office a week later, he advises her to get a neck brace and play up her pain for the insurance company. Then, the laugh track takes over as the two share a knowing smile.

Unfortunately, the ongoing pain that accident victims suffer is no laughing matter. Just look at the news in our state of Texas over the past week and you will see that our roads, and those who drive on them, all deserve "proceed with great caution" signs attached to them.

An Austin man in a wheelchair was seriously injured when hit by a dump truck.

A 52-year-old man from Travis County was found dead along the side of a road, apparently killed in a hit and run.

In Houston, a man died when the car in which he was the passenger crossed the median and was struck by a tractor trailer only to spin and hit a shoulder divider. A male and female fled the scene.

You can read stories like this one in newspapers across the country every day. Because of carelessness or actual criminal behavior on our busy roads, lives are forever changed. Survivors face overwhelming medical bills and loss of time from work and and emotional trauma after enduring such a collision. When an accident victim dies, the family is left to cope with grief, anxiety and loss of companionship that their loved one had provided.

While numbers never can be placed on all of the emotional and physical injuries that occur with a motor vehicle accident, the fact that compensation is due should be unquestioned. When you are dealing with insurance companies whose goal is to pay you as little as possible, you need to seek professional counsel.

Bertolino, LLP has experienced car accident attorneys in Austin, Houston and San Antonio who are ready to serve you. Give us a call today, tell us your story, and we will begin to do the work to help you recover from the ordeal you have experienced.

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