Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Neighbors of Texas Man Receive Nude Photos of Him from Former Lover

It appears that a sequel to Fatal Attraction could be filmed right here in Texas. As if there weren't already enough reasons never to cheat on your spouse, the threat of having ill-advised nude photos you had taken with your lover come back to haunt you can be added to that list.

A woman who apparently had an affair with a married Pasadena man decided to get back at him by mailing naked photographs for which he appears to have posed willingly at some point to his wife and neighbors. And, she added to the shocking delivery by writing vulgar suggestions on the back of each photo. When contacted by authorities, the man in the photos, who (not surprisingly) wishes to remain anonymous, admitted that he was the subject of his former lover's photographic creations.

In addition to using the postal service to get back at the man for ending their affair, she also called his employer with accusations that resulted in him getting fired.

The woman committed no crime in sending the naked pictures, so there will be no charges filed in the incident. The man, who has reconciled with his wife, has said that he may sue his ex-girlfriend for what she has done.

News reports indicate that the woman has agreed to stop sending the naked pictures in her collection. However, if her intrusive behavior had continued, or particularly if it had become threatening, the man may have had grounds to file a restraining order protecting his family from unwanted communication from her. And, while it is great that the spouses were able to work through the damage that is done to a marriage when one person engages in an affair, there are instances in which the relationship cannot recover and a divorce is sought.

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