Saturday, October 15, 2011

Houston Hand Surgeon Back in Family Court Last Week

A high profile divorce case in Texas was back in the spotlight this week past week when hand surgeon Michael Brown appeared in court at the Harris County Family Law Center. He was attempting to end an protective order put in place by his fourth wife, Rachel Brown, and this effort is only piece of a complicated divorce situation.

Mr. Brown is well-known across the state for his Brown Hand Center that boasts locations across the country, at which he specializes in helping those who are struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome, and the television commercials that went with it. This fact, coupled with his previous plea of no contest for assaulting his third wife and the loss of his medical license in 2006 for cocaine use, had made his most recent divorce a media sensation.

Brown was arrested last year for allegedly pinning his wife's arm behind her back and throwing vases and his humanitarian award at her. Since that time and the awarding of the protective order, he has not permitted any contact with Rachel or their children, who had appeared with him in a "family man" commercial for his hand center. Both the fight to remove the protective order and the divorce proceedings are still pending, but he was found not guilty of the domestic abuse charges last month.

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