Friday, October 28, 2011

Holidays Can Be Tough for Those Separated from Grandkids

Even though it's only October, the reality is the holiday season is right around the corner. Just check out any department store or watch the ads on TV and you will see that retailers can't wait for you to start your Christmas shopping! In addition to standing in long lines at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving and eating excessive amounts of pie, the time of Thanksgiving through New Years is also marked by time with family. People travel great distances to see their grandchildren open their presents. That look of joy is something no Papa or Granny wants to miss. But when there is divorce or other complicating factors in a family, grandparents may be left without those moments.

When parents of a young child decide to separate, what rights do grandparents have if their son or daughter doesn't have custody? It is not often the top priority of a mother to keep a strong relationship with her former in-laws, especially if she eventually remarries.

What if your son normally sees his daughter every other weekend but he has just left for a year deployment on the other side of the world? Will you have to go that long without seeing your grandbaby?

Or, what if your son is the father of a child with whom, sadly, he desires no relationship. Do you have any rights to develop your new connection with a grandchild you truly want to love and support?

To be honest, grandparents can face a lot of challenges when seeking time with their grandchildren. The courts are going to take the opinion of the custodial parent as to what is in the best interest of the child quite seriously. You cannot assume that shared DNA gives you the right to visitation with your son or daughter's children. But, that certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't try, and the right legal representation goes a long way in getting you the result you desire.

At Bertolino LLP, we have experienced family law attorneys who can work with grandparents to get them time with the precious children in their lives. We will help you demonstrate the important role you play in your grandchildren's development and sense of comfort and how valuable you are to their overall support system. We will fight to get you that time and that relationship that you desire. If you are a grandparent who is struggling to obtain rights to your grandkids, contact us today. We can help.

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