Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Texas Legislators Look to Limit Junk Food

It is difficult to argue against the fact that we have an obesity problem in the United States, and particularly so in Texas. Nearly thirty percent of our state's population is considered obese and that number is expected to climb by nearly fifteen percent over the the next three decades. What is more difficult to determine, however, is the role that the state government should play in addressing the problem. Some legislators in the Texas House believe that one step to take is limiting the unhealthy foods that can be purchased with food stamps.

There are several bills before Texas legislators right now that focus on what can be bought with government assistance. One bill wants to stop the purchase of chips, candy, cookies, and sweetened beverages with food stamps. Another wants to restrict foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar, and refined grains. And, still other bills call on the federal government to ban certain foods from food stamp receipts across the country.

Those who favor such measures believe that something must be done to curb the obesity epidemic that shortens the lives of many Texans and leads to billions of dollars spent on medical bills and lost on diminished worker productivity. Opponents argue that the bills unfairly target the poorer members of our state who are simply trying to stretch their money enough to get food on the table for the entire month.

What do you think? Should the government play a role in deciding the groceries that people can purchase, particularly with food stamps?

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