Monday, April 18, 2011

Texas Lawmakers Consider Bill That Would Expand their Gun Rights

Some people get really emotional about the more controversial bills that are debated in the halls of the Texas State Capitol. While protests and strongly worded letters usually provide the needed outlet to express one's disappointment with a particular vote or the lack of attention a certain policy is receiving, some of our elected officials seem to worry that political anger may be taken to a more violent level.

Several senators, representing both major political parties, have proposed legislation that would allow state officials and lawmakers to carry weapons into places that serve alcohol, sporting events, churches, and hospitals. Currently, only judges and prosecutors are exempt from the ban that is in place at these locations.

The bill was crafted, in part, as a response to the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was attacked by an emotionally disturbed young man who critically wounded her and killed several others. Supporters of the bill argue that lawmakers are regularly put in vulnerable positions like the one in which Giffords found herself and more protective measures must be taken.

Some who oppose the bill do so because they believe the Second Amendment should apply equally to all citizens, not just those in the public spotlight. Others simply don't like the idea of anyone walking around with a gun at all times.

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee has already approved the measure and it now waits to be reviewed by the full senate.

What is your opinion on extending carry rights to our elected officials? Should this same right be given to all Texans or should guns be kept out of certain places altogether?

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