Friday, April 22, 2011

James Franco to Study in Houston

Texas is already home to a wonderful variety of artists, musicians, athletes, and other celebrities Linkwho share their talents with our state and the rest of the world. Now, it appears that Houston will be rolling out the welcome mat for yet another high-profile resident next year. Oscar nominee James Franco will be joining the University of Houston's doctoral program for creative writing in fall 2012.

Originally accepted to start this year, Franco has asked to defer his studies until next fall and gained his admittance to the program based on his writing samples, letters of recommendations, and a personal statement. I have no doubt that his diverse portfolio of achievements--ranging from co-host of the Academy Awards to a role on a daytime soap opera--made for some interesting reading material to the academics who reviewed his application.

The University of Houston boasts a very selective creative writing graduate department, accepting only 20 applicants from the approximately 400 who apply every year. So, we will see if the inspiration provided from his fellow outstanding classmates and the amazing city in which he will be living will lead to some great writing material.

We hope that Mr. Franco enjoys his time here in Houston without any problems or difficulties. However, if he encounters any legal issues while enjoying his time in our state, the celebrity law attorneys at Bertolino LLP will be ready to help. We are experienced in working with high-profile clients and will provide the discretion and diligent representation that will keep their reputation and career intact. We welcome James Franco or any other celebrity to contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office at any time.

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