Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Texas Hosts Two Bowl Games Today

Along with Christmas trees, office holiday parties, and New Year's Resolutions, this time of year brings college bowl season. And, there seem to be more bowl games played every year, extending over a couple of weeks. For many players, this will be their last opportunity to prove themselves to recruits in the National Football League and they intend to make every snap count. While we won't get to know if Auburn or Oregon will win the BCS Championship Game for nearly two more weeks when that game is played in Arizona, tonight is the time for Houston and San Antonio to shine on the national sports stage.

The Alamo Bowl will be played tonight featuring No. 14 Oklahoma State and an unranked Arizona team. Both teams are known as high-scoring units and an offensive shootout is expected at the Alamodome. In Houston, Illinois and Baylor will square off in the Texas Bowl, a game that will feature the high-profile Big 10 and Big 12 Conferences. There are large numbers of fans representing all four teams in Texas this week and I hope they are having a wonderful time in our great state!

Once the bowl games tick down to their final moments, these young men will have some decisions to make about their futures. If juniors, do they return to school for one more year or take their chance on the draft? For those whose years on a campus have come to an end, are they good enough to be selected at the next level? Or, is it time to plan for a professional future that does not involve a football field?

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