Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Texans Believe Roads are Less Safe Than Five Years Ago

Are you a driver who engages in that dangerous act of texting while driving, or maybe checking your email messages on your Blackberry as you speed down the highway? If so, there are a growing number of Texans who are frustrated and frightened by the fact that you are behind the wheel. State legislators will be returning to Austin next month and several bills aimed at further limiting cell phone use in cars have already been filed.

The Texas Transportation Institute conducted a survey earlier this fall to determine people's opinions on some common driving behaviors. They discovered that fifty-two percent of drivers in Texas would favor a law that bans cell phone use in cars altogether. And, even though roadway deaths are down significantly over the past several years, an overwhelming number of you believe that texting and talking while driving is getting worse.

The good news of this survey is that drivers seem to be giving more thought to their own decision concerning whether or not to use a cell phone while their car is in motion, and are also more aware of what is happening in the cars around them. I think that being on alert while on the busy roads of Texas is smart no matter what accessories may be distracting the drivers in the next lane. With more than a third of Texans believing that the roads are less safe than they were five years ago, our increased focus on the task of driving is a positive change that hopefully will bring that number down.

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