Friday, November 12, 2010

University of Houston Exchanges Cigarettes for Free Food

I think that we can safely say the verdict is in concerning the health problems associated with smoking cigarettes. There are not many people in 2010 who are going to refute the link between carbon and tar in your lungs and the development of lung cancer and various breathing problems. Despite these proven consequences, many young people continue to pick up the habit, particularly once they are away at college and they have escaped their parents' watchful eyes. Yesterday, some students and employees on the University of Houston campus took a step to help others around them become ex-smokers.

Several health organizations on campus worked together to offer free food in exchange for a student's pack of cigarettes. The groups also created displays showing graphic images of a smoker's versus a non-smoker's lungs and provided information about an available smokers' cessation program and a buddy program that was started to offer support and accountability. The one-day campaign was a part of the build-up to the national Great American Smokeout, which will be occurring on November 18.

Organizers said that about twenty smokers took advantage of their offer of barbeque and chips. The others chose to keep their cigarettes in their possession. Time will tell if the efforts of these local advocates has a lasting impact on the decisions that students make regarding their health.

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