Monday, November 1, 2010

Texas Photographer Sues Over Use of His Image

If you are a resident of Texas, take a moment to look at your vehicle inspection sticker when you get a free moment. Does it have a silhouette of a cowboy on it? If so, you have this item in common with four to five million other Texans. And, collectively, you have garnered the attention of rather unhappy photographer.

David K. Langford is a photographer who is suing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Department of Public Safety for using an image, without his permission, that he created in 1984. The copyrighted photo, entitled "Days End 2," was scanned by an inmate who found the picture in an old copy of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine. Prisoners then used this image as the background for millions of stickers that were issued to Texas drivers in more than a dozen counties.

Langford claims that he has tried to reach state officials multiple times but has not received any response. He says that he would have been more than happy to make a deal for the use of his image but now is forced to take his grievance to court as a last resort.

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