Monday, November 29, 2010

Texans' Andre Johnson Faces Discipline from League After Fight

With legitimate concern for head injuries and other possibly life-altering effects to the body that the physical game of can have on its professional players, the National Football League is increasing its efforts to discourage dangerous tackles and dirty play. Just ask James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers and his ever-lightening wallet. While players and coaches are still figuring out the new standards and what type of hit is going to warrant negative attention, one rule hasn't changed. Punching an opposing player in the face is going to get you in trouble.

Star receiver for the Houston Texans, Andre Johnson, apparently had enough of the constant poking and jawing by Cortland Finnegan, a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans. During the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, both men ripped the helmet off the other and Johnson landed a couple of impressive shots before referees and other players separated the two. Johnson and Finnegan were both ejected from the game and further discipline is expected.

Andre Johnson is known as a true professional who operates with respect and amazing play on the field. He apologized after the game, and acknowledged that his behavior was out of character. While Johnson's words were important and he offered the right response to the situation, there certainly was a team behind the scenes already set into motion discussing how to maintain Johnson's image and minimize the reprimand he receives from the league. It's a fact that these attorneys and agents play an important role in every athlete's life.

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