Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Houston Man Charged with Stealing Mail from Collection Boxes

As the holiday season approaches (if you have entered a department store recently, you may think that it is already here), mailboxes soon will be filled with brightly colored envelopes containing cards that offer a "Merry Christmas" or a "Happy Holidays." You likely will receive many photos taken of your family members and friends all dressed in matching outfits and sitting by a Christmas tree, or sometimes photos of just their kids or pets. And, of course, there is the tearaway 2011 calendar that you can expect from your local real estate or insurance agent. Imagine if these paper holiday traditions were stolen from your mailbox in the hopes of discovering some cash or a money order. An arrest made on Monday decreased the chances of such a violation for the residents of Houston.

Morgan Pratka surrendered to authorities and now faces charges of possession of mail stolen from collection boxes in and around the Houston area. Pratka's alleged crimes were discovered after money orders that had been reported as missing or stolen showed up in his bank account. He apparently did not want to work too hard to hide the evidence.

Pratka is now in federal custody and faces a date in front of a federal judge. Tampering with the mail and the activities of the United States Postal Service is a serious matter, whether you steal your neighbor's magazines or thousands of dollars.

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