Friday, November 19, 2010

Divorce in the Public Eye

Sadly, there have been quite a few celebrities who have made the news recently as they announced their marital separations or intentions to divorce. The media has examined every rumor and angle concerning the personal lives of Christina Aguilera, Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette, and Billy Ray Cyrus. This week, two celebrities who call Texas home have filed their own divorce papers. San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker and his wife, actress Eva Longoria, are going their separate ways. Divorce is always a difficult and emotional experience for the families involved, but an added challenge exists when the process takes place under the microscope of a curious public eye.

Rather than continue to give credence to the rumor mill and discuss the allegations concerning who is to blame for the apparent end of this high-profile marriage, we just want to reinforce the idea that there are two people involved who are most certainly dealing with heartbreak and questions about what the future may hold. These same uncertainties and fears exist for divorcing couples who cannot shoot a three-pointer at the buzzer or have any experience acting on a popular television show.

During these times, when emotion understandably can take precedence over clear thought, it is important to have effective and compassionate legal counsel to walk through every step with you. If you are considering a divorce, please contact a family law attorney at our offices in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio to discuss your case. And, if you are a celebrity or athlete facing this upheaval in your personal life, we have entertainment attorneys who can work with you to protect your privacy and your public reputation. We look forward to helping you.

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