Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Texting Ban Begins This Friday in San Antonio

There is not much dispute to the evidence that texting while driving a car is a dangerous activity. Statistics show that drivers are twenty-three times more likely to be in an accident when texting than those who are not distracted by the urgent need to send a message to a friend while moving down the highway. This is a significantly larger risk than getting behind the wheel of a car after having several beers (although this practice certainly isn't recommended, either).

Despite the obvious danger, though, twenty-five percent of the United States population has admitted to typing and sending a text message while driving. This percentage doubles when just looking at teenage drivers.

In response to this dangerous practice, thirty states have passed laws regarding texting while driving. Many cities also have adopted their own ordinances to try to discourage texting until your car has come to a full and complete stop. San Antonio is one of the most recent locations to join this cause.

Today, the San Antonio police announced that beginning on Friday there will be a probationary period concerning texting while driving. For the next ninety days, drivers will receive a warning citation. After this grace period, drivers will face a possible fine of $200 per violation. So, put down those cell phones and keep all motorists, and your money, safe by waiting until your trip is over to send that text message.

While texting in and of itself may not land you in front of a judge, the damages to other drivers and their cars that may result certainly could result in criminal charges. If you find yourself in need of legal representation, please contact the law offices in Bertolino LLP in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio.

What is your opinion of the new law prohibiting texting while driving? Will it be effective in lessening the frequency of this common action?

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