Friday, October 1, 2010

Texas Woman Files Complaint Regarding Arson Evidence in Her Murder Trial

While it is comforting to victims' families and to our society at large to know that our criminal justice system works to put those who committed crimes behind bars, we always work with the reality of human error and shortcomings. There are, unfortunately, instances in which innocent men and women are put in prison as punishment for crimes they did not commit. Sonia Cacy of Bexar County insists she is one of those who was locked up despite her innocence, and now she is filing a complaint against the office that she said helped to put her behind bars.

Cacy was found guilty in 1993 of killing her uncle by dousing him with gasoline and setting him on fire. A key piece of evidence in Cacy's conviction with the determination by the medical examiner's office that traces of gasoline were found on the clothing of her uncle, Bill Richardson. However, subsequent reviews by ten independent experts found no such evidence on the clothing. Cacy was released on parole after six years because of the discredited evidence.

It now will be up to the Texas Forensic Science Commission to determine if there is merit to Cacy's complaint and decide what the next steps should be in reaching justice for this woman.

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