Friday, October 15, 2010

Man Connected with Series of Stun Gun Attacks in Austin Arrested

Several people marked part of last weekend in Austin by an encounter with a man engaging in what became known as the "Stun Gun Series" of assaults. The alleged assailant, later identified by witnesses as 25-year-old Anthony Lightner, used a stun gun on his victims during robbery attempts, some more successful than others, over a short period of time early Sunday morning.

After an arrest warrant was issued on Thursday, Lightner was arrested on charges of robbery by assault and is now spending time in a Travis County Jail in lieu of paying $30,000 bail.

Before his connection to the series of stun gun attacks was known, Lightner was briefly detained by police on Sunday afternoon on charges of public intoxication. It has not been revealed if he already was under the influence during the robberies or if if the drinking came later to celebrate the incorrect theory that he had gotten away with his crimes.

Some in Austin are wondering where the many Texans with concealed carry permits were during this series of attacks. Was there anyone who could have stepped up and ended the violence before Lightner reached his third or fourth victims?

What do you think? Is a crime spree such as the one in which Lightner allegedly engaged an argument for more encouragement of law-abiding citizens to carry guns? Or, do you believe such a confrontation would only have made the situation worse?

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