Monday, October 4, 2010

Laptop Use Can Damage Your Skin

How many of you are reading this blog post on your laptop computer? If you are, is the computer placed on a desk or table, or are you taking the term "laptop" literally? An article published in The Houston Chronicle today examines the growing number of patients who are spending time in a doctor's office due to skin that has been damaged by laptop exposure.

The condition, which also can develop from overuse of heating pads and other directly applied sources of heat, is known as "toasted skin syndrome." If you are someone who tends to spend at least several hours every day with a laptop resting on your legs, you may find yourself experiencing the tell-tale symptoms of permanent skin discoloration. The altered pigment has not proven to be harmful to one's health, but it is not really a desired cosmetic effect.

There have been some fears that prolonged use of laptops without the use of a table or cooling fans can lead to cancer of various kinds. While chronic skin inflammation can increase chances for aggressive cancer, there have been no proven links between laptop use and cancer. Perhaps this is because we realize when a computer is starting to burn our legs and we move it!

If you have noticed changes in your skin or have experienced some other injury due to the temperatures or other functional error in your laptop, you may be entitled to some compensation. The personal injury attorneys at Bertolino LLP have offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and are ready to discuss your case. Please give us a call today.

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