Friday, October 29, 2010

Hoping the Home Ballpark Will Bring Victory for Rangers

Things in the World Series have not gotten off to a particularly strong start for the Texas Rangers. The team is returning to Arlington having played the first two games in San Francisco and coming up short in both of them. Last night's 9-0 defeat was a particularly one-sided event, and baseball fans across the state are perhaps starting to lose some hope in the idea that Texas can claim a world championship this year. (The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans aren't doing much to lift the emotions of our state's sports fans, either, but that's a different story.)

The Rangers get the chance to host the World Series beginning tomorrow night and we're hoping that the tide turns for our guys. Colby Lewis will be starting for the Rangers and perhaps be the catalyst for a victory in the home ballpark. Former President George W. Bush will be on hand for Sunday night's game to throw out the first pitch. Will he bring luck to a team in which he used to have an active role?

If the Texas Rangers manage to come back from their 0-2 deficit and win the World Series, there may be some players who want their performances rewarded with bigger checks and flashier perks. And, there likely will be new endorsement possibilities with shoe companies, video games, and, of course, cereal boxes. For athletes to know that they are getting the deal they deserve, partnership with a sports attorney is critical.

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