Friday, October 8, 2010

Former Houston Rockets Star Arrested at LAX

If you travel on an airplane with any regularity, you likely have seen someone try to board a flight whose level of sobriety was rather questionable. Two-hour delays due to storms and a convenient bar in the terminal do not always make for a good combination. And, as news from the Los Angeles International Airport this week demonstrates, fame and athleticism cannot mask your decision to drink too much before embarking on airborne public transportation.

Former Houston Rockets star Steve Francis was arrested late Thursday night at LAX for public drunkenness. Authorities say he was intoxicated, unable to care for himself, and combative towards the staff at the airport. Francis, who was an All-Star for three straight years with the Rockets but was waived last year by Memphis, will appear in court early next month to face his charges.

Francis was known as "Stevie Franchise" for the amazing contributions he made to the Houston Rockets team and also made a great impact during his single season playing high-profile college ball with the University of Maryland. Everyone certainly hopes that he learns his lesson from this incident and still has many productive days in basketball in front of him, as Francis has indicated that he still has an interest in playing.

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