Monday, May 3, 2010

Brazilian Judge Orders Return of Son to Houston Man

Divorce is always an emotional and difficult experience that changes the course a family's life, even if husband and wife both agree that the split is the best option, which it is often not. Frankly, my law firm and I encourage marriage counseling.

And when children are involved in the middle of a divorce, the feelings are more intense and there are even more delicate issues to consider. The trauma surrounding divorce takes on more weight still when one spouse disappears with a child either as a pawn in a legal game or to bring intentional hurt to the other parent. One Houston man, whose estranged wife disappeared to her homeland of Brazil with their young boy, was to be reunited with his son last week.

Kelvin Birotte has not seen his four-year-old son since 2007 and that was within the context of a court hearing. The mother of the boy, Hilma Aparecida Caldeira, took him to visit relatives in Brazil in 2006 and never returned. She remained in her home country and proceeded to file for divorce. A judge in Brazil ordered that Caldeira return their preschooler to Birotte no later than Thursday of last week. As no direct communication has occurred between the two parents, only time will tell if Ms. Caldeira will comply. Given her quick appeal to the custody order, some question whether or not she will follow the order of the court.

Of course, most child custody cases do not involve trips across international borders. But even when two parents live five blocks away from one another, arguments develop over time spent with the children once a marriage dissolves. You need an experienced family law attorney on your side who is sensitive to the issues that are specific to divorce and custody cases. Bertolino LLP has family law attorneys in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio who will work with the best interest of your family, and especially your children, in mind. If you find yourself facing the hard reality of divorce, please contact our office today.

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