Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Texting While Driving Ban to Be Considered in San Antonio

I'm sure that all of you are familiar with that famous saying, "Where Oprah Winfrey goes, San Antonio is sure to follow." OK, maybe not. But, maybe it is time to start advocating for such a relevant catchphrase. Recently, Ms. Winfrey started a campaign through her television show to put an end to texting while driving and now the city of San Antonio is considering making such a ban official within its city limits.

San Antonio would be in good company if its elected officials decided to make the transmission of abbreviated messages in such a manner that has contributed to the decline of an entire generation's ability to write effectively illegal while driving a car. Twenty-three states and many cities throughout the country already have such a ban in place. Within our own great state of Texas, our state capital of Austin has already banned texting while driving.

Police Chief William McManus made his pitch for such a ban before the City Council's Governance Committee today. He can count the American Automobile Association in his corner, as that organization is advocating such laws in every state and also hopes to see a ban enacted at the federal level. The primary question is--what other activities besides texting would be included in the idea of "failing to pay fulltime attention to driving" as defined by the text of the proposed law? Eating food, reading the newspaper, applying make-up, turning around to remind your children not to hit one another?

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