Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Former Houston Police Member Accused of Stealing from Union

If you are a union member, what do you expect from the leadership in your local organization? Perhaps making sure that working conditions are safe and up to code is an important issue for you. Maybe you appreciate the influence that the union has in electing politicians who are friendly to the needs of your profession. I imagine that you do not hope for an officer who will steal a good portion of the dues that you have been paying for many years and then use that money to increase the size of his own bank account. If I am wrong on the last count, perhaps you should look into joining the Houston Police Officers Union.

Matthew Calley, a former police union officer in Houston, is accused of stealing more than $597,000 from union bank accounts. He has been charged with first-degree felony theft and is now spending time at the Harris County Detention Center instead of paying the $2 million bail.

Calley resigned from the union board in January after the discovery was made that the account balance just wasn't what it should be and he left the police force after 25 years of service one month later. Now we will have to wait for a settlement or a trial to learn whether or not Calley will get to enjoy life after law enforcement.

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