Wednesday, March 10, 2010

San Antonio Teen Arrested for Printing Fake Money

I am not particularly shocked that a teenager would attempt to print counterfeit money in his bedroom. What does surprise me is that his friend would use this fake currency at the school cafeteria! If you are handed some cash and given the opportunity to spend it at the cash register of your choice, why would you opt for a steak sub and some tater tots? Was the local video game store closed for renovations? In the end, though, there is no relevance to the type of items that were purchased. Creating your own money using a HP Photosmart printer is illegal and can land you in serious trouble.

Seventeen-year-old Jose Roberto Rodriguez of San Antonio was arrested earlier this week after a police officer from the Harlandale Independent School District caught Rodriguez's friend with forged bills in the cafeteria. A subsequent search of Rodriguez's bedroom by the city's police department led to the discovery of $200 in homemade bills.

Rodriguez is now hanging out in a Bexar County jail cell on a $5000 bond. He faces one count of forgery for his counterfeit current operation.

We all know that computer skills are essential for our children. Personal communication, career advancement, and simple life tasks are increasingly tied to technology. However, becoming proficient with a keyboard and a mouse also leads to incidents like this one involving Rodriguez. We should be proud when our children make money using the computer...just not when they do it literally.

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benjamin rush, MD said...

It's sad to think that his best defense would be 1) the fact that current unemployment and underemployment may have left this youngster desperate for $ for food (as one of the things ranking higher than video games and music in teens right now is groceries) and, 2) He is looking up to his government representatives for examples, since the Fed is printing valueless currency for our own government. What say you?