Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Several Hundred Teachers in Houston Face Termination

Educating our children is one of the most important functions of local government. What type of curriculum should be offered, where should the schools be located, and how are we going to pay for the structures and the staff are all questions that our elected officials have to handle. Even if you do not have any children or you send them to private school, you still are affected by the quality of the education that is being offered in our public schools. Today, the city of Houston announced that up to 400 of its teachers may not be performing well enough in facilitating success for our kids.

The superintendent for the Houston Independent Schools District, Terry Grier, has asked the school board to approve a policy that would make way for the firing of teachers whose students do not show expected and acceptable progress on standardized tests. Based on the unanimous vote for initial approval last month, it appears that the possible termination of some of Houston's teachers may be imminent. Before these dismissals would occur, however, Grier assures educators there would be training and mentoring provided so that the at-risk teachers have an opportunity to improve their performance.

Both the Houston Federation of Teachers and the Congress of Houston Teachers are opposed to the proposal, as they believe the statistical method used to analyze student scores has only been in place for a few years and has not been sufficiently proven to be effective.

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Anonymous said...

Ask that Board members be required to pass an examine of the policies for school districts in Texas. They are not aware of the procedures and many doesn't have a clue about teaching, just rhetoric.