Monday, February 8, 2010

Laura Hall Removed from Austin Courtroom and Taken Back to Jail

Anyone who has lived in the state of Texas for the past several years is likely familiar with the name Laura Hall. She was found guilty of hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence following the 2005 murder of Jennifer Cave.

Ms. Cave was a 21-year-old legal assistant whose body was found in the bathtub of her friend and University of Texas student Colton Pitonyak. As if the discovery of a murdered body is not gruesome enough, the young woman's head and hands had been severed and placed in bags on the bathroom floor. Pironyak admitted to killing Cave while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and told investigators that he called on Laura Hall to help with a cover-up of the crime.

Until today, Laura Hall had been living outside the walls of a prison, free on bail and awaiting an appeal to her sentencing hearing. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, however, refused to hear her appeal and she was taken back into custody at a Travis County courtroom. As it stands now, Hall is back in jail and starting to serve the remaining 3 1/2 years of her five-year sentence. And, she is none too happy about it. Ms. Hall was heard screaming for several minutes after being removed to a holding cell.

At Bertolino LLP, we believe that the appeals process is an essential piece of the judicial process and deserves just as much attention as the original trial itself. At our offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, we have attorneys who are experienced in reviewing court documents and procedures to make the strongest case for your appeal. If you believe that your day in court deserves another look, please contact us today. Sometimes, as with Laura Hall, your appeal may not be granted, but this is no reason not to pursue your full rights under the law.

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