Monday, February 15, 2010

Houston Man Kills Girlfriend Over Her "Nagging"

Many of us are familiar with A Time to Kill, either the book by John Grisham or the movie version starring Matthew McConaughey and Samuel Jackson. A father decides that becoming a vigilante is the only way of ensuring justice, so he murders the young men accused of raping and beating his young daughter as they enter the local courthouse. The story that unfolds offers a complex question of morals and values. Are there instances of justified homicide by private citizens in our society? For those who are parents, such as myself, it's hard to imagine not wanting to seek revenge on someone who harmed our child.

The ethical question is more clear cut concerning a murder that took place in Houston on Saturday night. William Robert Stone, a man who had just been released from prison in Saturday, killed his live-in girlfriend because he was tired of her "nagging." While I have respect for the skills of experienced criminal defense attorneys, it is hard to imagine a jury will have much sympathy for Stone in this instance. He has admitted to beating and strangling Renee Longoria and then wrapping her body in a blanket. Stone now sits in the Harris County Jail awaiting his next court appearance tomorrow.

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