Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tom DeLay Shows Off His Texas Dance Skills

There have been celebrities with a wide range of talents who have graced the stage of the hit television program "Dancing with the Stars." We have watched professional athletes, singers, and actors compete to see who has the most graceful and impressive. This season marks the first time that a former member of Congress will lace up his dancing shoes, and the great state of Texas gets to claim him. Former Congressman and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is perhaps the most surprising contestant on this season's program.

DeLay is not exactly someone that I would naturally assume to be a winning presence on the dance floor. "The Hammer," as he was nicknamed during his time in Washington, D.C., is more known for his ability to pull together the votes needed to pass the legislation he favored. Only time will tell if his talents to bring his fellow legislators to his side on a controversial bill will translate to a strong execution of the tango or waltz. He did manage to survive the double elimination that just occurred in the first week of competition, so perhaps he will be around for a while. Perhaps DeLay's stint on "Dancing with the Stars" will mark a whole new career path.

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