Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stalker Arrested at Texas Ranch Shared by Ty Murray and Jewel

Celebrities encounter a wide range of difficult challenges that are unique to their very public position. They face the possibility of their marital problems becoming front page fodder for every tabloid magazine sold at the grocery store checkout. Perhaps one unflattering photo taken during what was assumed to be a private moment could change the course of a person's career. Unfortunately, the famous members of our society also deal with the fact that they are magnets for mentally ill men and women who are hoping to gain their own level of celebrity status by entering the world of a celebrity. Singer Jewel experienced this scary reality on her Texas ranch last week.

Jewel shares a ranch with her rodeo husband, Ty Murray, in Stephenville, Texas. The quiet life that they enjoy away from the constant spotlight of Hollywood or New York was disturbed last week by a man who claimed to be on a mission from God. Michael Lawrance Kozelka of Wisconsin was found twice on the 2000-acre ranch and apprehended without incident by security. When searched by local authorities, he was discovered to be carrying a knife. I guess, in this instance, that God's message was not one of peace. Kozelka is currently in jail with a $30,000 bond and is facing charges of stalking, which could lead to up to ten years behind bars.

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