Wednesday, September 2, 2009

San Antonio Ranks High in Repeat Teen Births

San Antonio has received one of the top national rankings in a category that the city would have preferred to go unmentioned. Child Trends, a nonprofit group that focuses on child development, has released a report showing that San Antonio has the third-highest percentage of repeat teen births among large cities. Out of all of the teen births that take place in the city, 26% of them are repeat births. Another city in Texas, Dallas, has the highest number of repeat births among teens and Jackson, Mississippi ranks second. With the national average of repeat teen births dropping over the past two decades, why are cities like San Antonio seeing an unfortunate increase in their numbers?

Dr. Janet Realini of Healthy Futures, a nonprofit group based in San Antonio that focuses on the prevention of unplanned and teen pregnancies, offered her opinion on why San Antonio's number of teen births is so high. She believes that a lot of young people from minority or economically disadvantaged homes do not feel that they have many options concerning their future and are often without role models to show them alternatives to early sexual activity and teen parenthood. Also, the problem may stem from the fact that teenagers are not educated on how to prevent pregnancy, either from the schools or their own parents.

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