Thursday, September 17, 2009

San Antonio Mother Arrested After Children Discovered Alone in Parking Lot

When you compile a list of the acceptable places for two children under the age of five to be at 2:00am, I imagine that the brainstorming effort does not take long. After you get past the standard answers -- their own beds, perhaps cribs if they are young enough, or maybe even safely asleep in car seats as their parents drive through the night to make it to grandma's house -- there really are not many other options. I certainly hope that no one would think to include "wandering aimlessly around a parking lot" as a proper location for young kids. Despite this logic, two children were indeed discovered walking among parked cars in their apartment complex. Now, their mother is facing criminal charges.

Jantel Thomas of San Antonio told authorities that she needed to deal with a family emergency and decided to leave her two girls, ages 18 months and four years, alone in their apartment. The children found their way out of the relative safety of their home and took to the parking lot screaming for their mother. Fellow residents first tried to return the girls to their apartment but quickly realized that no adult was present. The police were called and the girls were taken to a children's shelter. They have since been placed with a relative.

Thomas has been taken to the Bexar County Jail on a $10,000 bond. She faces two counts of abandonment.

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