Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Houston Texan Player Fined for Message on Shoes

I am pretty sure that for as long as humans have roamed the earth, clothes have been used as a form of expression. In today's culture, we can share our opinions on politics, celebrities, or music through our choice of T-shirts. Some young women choose to offer self-descriptive words on the back of their shorts. With football season now underway, fans of the sport can be seen wearing jerseys to advertise their allegiance to a particular team. Even the football players themselves can use their attire to make statements. Unfortunately, such fashion choices can sometimes be costly. Just ask Dunta Robinson, cornerback for the Houston Texans.

Robinson wore shoes that read "Pay Me, Rick" on the heels during the Texans' loss to the New York Jets last weekend. Robinson is making $10 million this season, but apparently wishes that general manager Rick Smith could pay him more. Robinson has been designated as the team's franchise player, but new salary negotiations cannot take place until the end of the season.

The footwear fashion statement, which Dunta Robinson insists was meant as a joke, has been fined $25,000 by the Texans for conduct detrimental to the team. He also faces an additional $5000 fine from the NFL for a uniform violation. Robinson has indicated that he plans to pay any fines that he is issued without appeal, as he just wants to put the incident behind him.

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