Friday, September 25, 2009

Houston Authorities Search for Grandma Bandit

If I asked you to describe your grandmother, there are probably some common responses that come to mind. She is always trying to feed you another serving of dinner. She is ready with a piece of hard candy retrieved from the bottom of her purse. She is filled with an unconditional love for her family. I doubt that "ideal personality and physique to be a successful bank robber" comes to mind. However, the city of Houston has just been introduced to a woman who the FBI has dubbed the "Grandma Bandit."

The mystery woman robbed two Compass Banks in Houston today, within an hour of one another. In both instances, she claimed to have a gun and demanded money. And, she was successful in both of her efforts. She was bold enough to decide that she did not need to wear a mask when engaging in criminal activity, so authorities were able to tell that she appears to be between 55 and 65 years of age. Perhaps she was operating under the incorrect assumption that the camouflage cap she was spotted wearing at both crime scenes would shield her from any detection.

If you can offer any tips that lead to this woman's arrest, you may find yourself in possession of a $5000 reward. So, if you see an older woman who is between five feet, two inches and five feet, seven inches and is wearing a purple shirt decorated with feathers, please contact the Crime Stoppers Hotline at (713) 222-TIPS or the FBI's Houston office at (713) 693-5000.

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