Saturday, August 1, 2009

Texas Medical Board Strips Houston Doctor of Professional License

Actions taken on Friday should serve as a reminder to all medical professionals in our state that the Texas Medical Board often becomes the body which determines your professional fate. Just ask Dr. Bernard Albina of Houston, an orthopedic surgeon who has been accused of molesting young boys over the many years in which he practiced his profession. While District Judge David Mendoza released Dr. Albina last week on $400,000 bail and allowed Albina to continue practicing medicine while awaiting his trial, the members of the Texas Medical Board had other plans.

The Medical Board decided to strip Dr. Albina of his right to practice medicine anywhere in the state of Texas. As shared by Board spokeswoman Jill Wiggins, "“No one but the medical board has the authority to allow him to practice medicine. And that requires a free and active license, which he no longer has.” Dr. Albina chose not to appear at the suspension hearing to speak in his own defense. The convincing evidence, hundreds of hours of videotapes showing the sexual abuse of minors, was allowed to speak for itself without Albina's refutation. The suspension of Dr. Albina's license will remain in effect until he is able to provide clear and convincing proof that he is physically and mentally able to practice medicine.

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