Monday, August 31, 2009

Man Robbed Outside San Antonio Strip Club

In an act that demonstrated some questionable skills in terms of determining the optimal time to find a great deal of cash on a man, a patron of a strip club in San Antonio was robbed after spending some quality time at the establishment. The suspect approached the victim as he was exiting Tiffany's Cabaret and demanded money at gunpoint. When the victim refused to hand over the money that remained following his evening at the gentleman's club, the suspect pistol whipped the man across the face and took his wallet, which contained both cash and credit cards.

The suspect fled in a white Dodge Charger with chrome rims. The victim, who suffered only minor injuries and was not going to let a gun to the face keep him down, followed the suspect in his own vehicle until multiple gunshots were fired at him. He understandably made the decision to let his assailant escape at this point, but not before writing down the license plate number on the getaway car.

I certainly never would encourage the victim of a crime to take any action that may bring them further harm, but I am impressed with this man's desire to fight back against the violence he encountered. He managed to keep his senses about him and gather evidence that may prove crucial to the police investigation. I hope that his efforts soon will result in the capture of his attacker.

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