Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Austin City Council to Discuss New Requirements for Those Seeking Contracts with City

There are definitive protections in place at both the federal and state levels for many forms of discrimination in the workplace. You cannot be denied consideration for an open position, passed over for a promotion, or laid off from your job based solely on the reason of religion, race, disability, or a variety of other factors. One area of discrimination that does not receive the same comprehensive protection, and also provokes a great deal of debate whenever considered by a legislative body, is any action taken against a person based on his or her sexuality. On Thursday, the city of Austin will be discussing a resolution that would award contracts only to companies that have nondiscrimination policies including sexual orientation and gender identity.

Austin already requires companies to sign a form declaring that they do not discriminate based on a long list of identifying factors. This new resolution would take the requirements a step further and require proof from the companies that they already have a nondiscrimination policy already in place. This resolution would only apply to companies that are bidding for contracts greater than $50,000. If a company is interested in consideration for a contract and does not have an appropriate nondiscrimination policy in place, the resolution allows for the creation of standard language that the company could add their policy manuals in order to be compliant with the new requirements.

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