Thursday, April 2, 2009

Texas Teenagers May Need Doctor's Note to Use Tanning Bed

The annual ritual of spring break is in full swing for high school and college students everywhere. Beaches right here in our great state of Texas are a popular destination for young people looking for a week of fun away from parents and teachers. In preparation, tanning salons are filled with those who want to look like they already have spent weeks lounging by the water on the day they arrive. Some legislators in the Texas House want to make that popular bronzing effort more difficult for those who are under the age of eighteen.

On Tuesday, the House Committee on Public Health approved a bill that would require a doctor's note and the presence of a parent for any client under the age of eighteen who shows up at a salon requesting the use of a tanning bed. The bill's sponsor, State Rep. Burt Solomons, has the intention of enacting the strictest laws concerning tanning regulations for teens in the country. The legislation has strong support from doctors, who warn against the dangers of ultraviolet light that is used in tanning beds. While teenagers only constitute five percent of tanning customers, salon owners fear that this law would hurt business in an already struggling economy.

Under current Texas law, everyone under the age of eighteen needs the permission of a parent. Those who are under sixteen years of age and desire darker skin must have a parent present. And, only young clients up to the age of thirteen now need a note from the doctor.

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