Friday, February 20, 2009

Texas State Rep Wants to Legalize Aerial Hog Hunting

Whether or not you agree with her positions on key issues or McCain's decision to pick her as a running mate, there is no doubt that Governor Sarah Palin has impacted the political landscape beyond her home state of Alaska. She was the first Republican nominee for Vice-President, she was the first nominee for a major party to reside in our 49th state, and she prompted Tina Fey's return to the stage of Saturday Night Live. One of her more notorious pastimes, shooting wolves from the air, may have inspired a piece of proposed legislation in the Texas legislature.

State Representative Sid Miller, of Fort Worth, wants to legalize the practice of shooting wild pigs from helicopters. There are two million of these hogs in Texas and they manage more than $52 million in crop damage every year. And, the problem is not just limited to farm destruction. Cars and hogs are having more frequent high-speed encounters and weekend golfers who are expecting a relaxing morning on the course find turf that is uprooted by hog activity. While ranchers in Texas have long hired professional hunters to fly in and thin out the pig population, Rep. Miller believes it is time for everyday sportsmen to have their shot ... literally ... at the destructive animals.

Other methods of controlling the pig population have proven difficult. These huge beasts have no natural predators. Their size and viciousness are too much for the even the most eager attackers. The pigs have become wise to the traps that have been set for them. And, efforts to develop wild hog birth control are still not complete. So, we will see if aerial hunting by weekend sportsmen is determined to be the best possible option.

Please remember that, for the time being, shooting wild hogs from the sky is illegal. So, please do not rent a helicopter and gather up some of your buddies for a hunting adventure. You will be charged with a crime. On the off chance that the idea of killing pigs from a high vantage point is just too appealing to pass up and you end up getting arrested, the criminal defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP will be here to help. We have offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio to assist you.

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