Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Houston Texans Quarterback May Be Leaving for Minnesota

The Superbowl was less than three weeks ago, but the NFL combines are already under way and the draft will be here before we know it. In addition to this offseason action, there is plenty of gossip concerning who may be playing where next year and how the salary cap may affect each team's chances at the playoffs. Will Marvin Harrison leave Peyton Manning and the Colts to find a greener pasture (and bank account) elsewhere? Will anyone take on the challenge that is Pacman Jones? Here in Houston, the rumor is that quarterback Sage Rosenfels may be preparing to live in a colder climate.

Mr. Rosenfels, who started nineteen games over the past three years in place of the injured Matt Schaub, is reportedly near a deal that will make him the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Apparently, this is a trade for which Rosenfels has been advocating, as he grew up in Iowa, played for Iowa State, and wants the opportunity to be a starter on a regular basis.

Rosenfels had some great moments last season with a Texans team in which he proved that he is a tough competitor. Of course, there was also his infamous collapse against the Colts in which he turned the ball over three times in the final minutes, but why dwell on that? We certainly wish Rosenfels great success if he does indeed become the quarterback in Minnesota. That is, of course, unless his schedule brings him to Reliant Stadium for a game.

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