Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UPS Truck Hijacked in Austin

When I think about a UPS truck, which doesn't happen very happen, there are several characteristics that come to mind. They are brown and boxy, much like most of the contents they transport. They are used to deliver both important business packages and exciting birthday presents. And, finally, I recall how these fine delivery vehicles sometimes impede my vision when I am trying to check the status of the traffic ahead of me. I can promise that I have never thought about how exciting it would be to take such a truck for a joy ride. For that purpose, the UPS machinery cannot exactly match the thrill of a Corvette. Yesterday in Austin, one man decided to give it a shot anyway.

The gentleman, whose name has not been released, ditched his Ford Explorer at the intersection of Red River and 38th Street in Austin when he spotted a UPS truck in his vicinity. He threw the driver from the truck and drove off, only to get into a collision shortly thereafter. His attempts to escape by foot were short-lived, as police officers captured him a few minutes later.

If this guy had put some forethought into his decision to hijack a UPS truck, he might have realized that December would have been a better option. I can't imagine that the deliveries are nearly as bountiful as they were leading up to Christmas. So, maybe his goal really was just to spend a few minutes behind the wheel of his dreams with desire for package theft never even entering his mind.

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