Monday, January 5, 2009

Texas Man with Five Kids in Car Tries to Outrun Cops

From time to time, I like to offer some free legal advice on this blog. I have advised against stealing treasured artifacts from national monuments, asking your underage offspring to drive you home from a night of mechanical bull riding while intoxicated at a local hot spot and using a skull as an accessory in ingesting your chosen narcotic. If these common sense tips have kept you out of trouble ... you're welcome. I have a new recommendation to add to the list. Do not try to outrun the cops. It can only make your situation worse. At the very least, you eventually will run out of gas and hope to stall in a location that is amenable to testing your marathon skills. More severe consequences may be a collision that injures property, innocent passengers or bystanders, or yourself. Your decision to flee when pulled over for a simple traffic violation will undoubtedly result in greater punishment than a $75 ticket.

If Douglas Donaldson is a reader of this blog, I apologize that this advice is reaching him too late. Mr. Donaldson was arrested on New Year's Eve for driving more than 90 mph in his Southeast Travis County neighborhood. Police were interested in speaking with Donaldson after seeing that his vehicle was missing those all-important adornments of a license plate and registration stickers. He was not in the mood for this conversation, so he hit the accelerator and ran through five stop signs before slamming into a fence. The scariest part of this scenario is that Donaldson had five children in his car whose lives were put in danger by his reckless behavior.

After the crash, Donaldson tried to run but was stopped by a Taser dart in his back. He now faces charges of endangering a child and evading. At Bertolino LLP, we certainly hope that you will make a wiser decision in this type of situation and simply allow law enforcement to address your legally questionable activities. However, if you do make choices that result in the need for representation in the courtroom, our attorneys can help. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today to discuss your situation. And, please do not speed ... we will be here all day.

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